Tuesday, July 14, 2009

childhood's end

. . . the Total Breakthrough generation is born on Earth and as mere infants they show powers of mind far beyond their parents' and they go off into a colony by themselves, not as individuals, however, but as one great colonial being, in the biological sense of the colonial animal, until, at last, the Earth, its mission complete, convulses, starts coming apart, and they, the children: "Something's starting to happen. The stars are becoming dimmer. It's as if a great cloud is coming up, very swiftly, all over over all the sky. But it isn't really a cloud. It seems to have some sort of structure---I can glimpse a hazy network of lines and bands that keep changing their position. It's almost as if it were alive... There's a great burning column, like a tree of fire, reaching above the western horizon. It's a long way off right around the world. I know where it springs form: they're on their way at last, to become a part of the Overmind. Their probation is ended: theyre leaving the last remnants of matter behind... The whole landscape is lit up---it's brighter than day---reds and golds and greens are chasing each other across the sky---oh, it's beyond words, it doesn't seem fair that I'm the only one to see it---I never thought such colors---"

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